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[creduce-bugs] Last versions of creduce run pass_lines after final pass_indent

Oops, also there was a stupid bug.  Fixed now.


On 6/28/12 7:21 AM, John Regehr wrote:
>> So creduce does not produce nicely formatted output at the end of
>> operation anymore.
> Every C-Reduce transformation occurs inside a delta debugging loop. This
> means that if any transformation creates a program that does not trigger
> the compiler bug anymore, then that program is discarded. C-Reduce's
> final run of GNU indent happens to create a program that does not
> trigger the bug you sent the other day. This might be because your
> compiler bug is sensitive to formatting (this often means there's a
> memory safety error in the frontend) or it might be due to a bug in GNU
> indent where it fails to be semantics preserving.
> John