Workshop on Software-defined Infrastructure and Software-defined Exchanges

The purpose of this workshop is to recommend a 5-year agenda for research programs in new technology paradigms that will radically transform the Internet, and to identify the needs for infrastructure to support that research.

This workshop is part of the NSF “Looking Beyond the Internet” series of workshops.

Workshop Report

Citing the report:

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Call for Participation

Workshop Agenda

Keynote Addresses

Nick Feamster, Princeton
“SDX: Software-Defined Internet Exchange Points: Where We’ve Been, and Where We’re Going”
Marco Canini, UC Louvain
“SDN is Dead! Long Live SDX!”
Orran Krieger, Boston University
A Marketplace-driven Direction for SDI: Towards an “Open Cloud Exchange!”


Akella, Aditya
Toward end-to-end software defined QoE
Baldin, Ilya
SDI Research Challenges and Opportunities
Bavier, Andy
CORD: Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter
Benson, Theo
Commoditizing the “S” in SDN with BareMetal Switching Infrastructure
Berman, Mark
Transforming Scientific Collaboration via Software-Defined Infrastructure
Calvert, Ken
Enhancing Network Services Through SDXs
Cardenas, Alvaro
Secure Software-Defined Federated Networks
Chacko, James
Software-Defined Communication Testbed
Clark, Russ
Software Defined Infrastructure in the AtlanticWave SDX
de Laat, Cees
The Service Provider Group Framework
Du, David
Beyond the Internet: Convergence of Networking and Storage Becomes A Must
Dutta, Rudra
Human-Network Interaction: the Weakest Link?
Fonseca, Rodrigo
Towards a Network Marketplace in a Cloud
Gerla, Mario
A wireless SDN inter exchange for mobile systems
Glick, Madeline
Shaping and quality of service in SDN controlled hybrid optical: electrical networks enabled by machine learning
Griffioen, James
SDXs as Resource Marketplaces
Guo, Yang
SDI Workshop
Gupta, Arpit
An Industrial-Scale Software Defined Internet Exchange Point
Hu, Hongxin
Virtualizing and Utilizing Network Security Functions for Securing Software Defined Infrastructure
Jain, Raj
Software Defined Cloud Virtualization for Multi-Cloud Applications
Katz-Bassett, Ethan
Real Internet Experiments for Future Internet Services
Kettimuthu, Raj
Software Defined Infrastructure: Challenges and Opportunities
Kilper, Dan
Deep programmability for optical systems in the future Internet
Kim, Hyojoon
ScienceDMZ and IPS Bypass
Lehman, Tom
Software Defined Exchange (SDX) and Software Defined ScienceDMZ (SD-SDMZ) Ecosystem
Luo, Yan
Challenges and Opportunities of Measurement for Future Software Defined Infrastructure
Mack-Crane, Ben
Understanding and Managing Change in an SDN
Mambretti, Joe
Next Generation Infrastructure Based on SDI, SDN, and SDX Architecture and Technologies
Matta, Ibrahim
Toward a Dynamic, Recursive SDN/SDX
McGeer, Rick
Declarative Verifiable SDN Specification
Monga, Inder
End-to-end, multi-domain SDN with SDI bookends
Moore, John
SDN Infrastructure Ecosystem
Moradi, Mehrdad
Exploring Security and Mobile Operator Use Cases for SDX
Patterson, Bruce
Software Defined Infrastructure : Software Defined Exchange Workshop
Ramamurthy, Byrav
Balancing Exchange Points Communication and Inter-controller Communication for Inter-Domain Routing
Rao, Nagi
Co-Designed SDIs for Computing and Physical Complexes Using Integrated Analytics
Reese, David
Software Defined Infrastructure Paper
Ricart, Glenn
Seshan, Srini
Cooperation Between Control Planes
Singh, Munindar
Software-Defined Governance: Applying Computational Norms
Sobieski, Jerry
Thoughts on Research Topics and Tools for Future Research
Song, Haoyu
Open Programmable Data Path: Towards White Box 2.0
Talty, Tim
The Role of Mobile Assets in Future Software Defined Infrastructure
Touch, Joe
The role of state and layering in software-defined networking
Veeraraghavan, Malathi
Multi-domain, multi-layer software-defined infrastructure
Wang, Anduo
Software-Defined Networks as Databases
Wang, KC
How to Derive Abstraction for Software Defined Infrastructure and Software Defined Exchange
Wolf, Tilman
Wroclawski, John
The Tiger Meets the Termite Mound: Toward Robust Inter-Domain SDN
Yoo, Ben
A Market-Driven Broker Plane for Multi-Domain Software-Defined Infrastructures
Zhang, Zhi
Li-Integrating Application-Aware Virtualized Network Functions in Software-Defined Infrastructure
Zink, Mike
White Paper for Software Defined Infrastructure : Software Defined Exchange Workshop

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1546769. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.