Verifying Fluke IPC

Patrick Tullmann, John McCorquodale, Ajay Chitturi, Godmar Back, Jeff Turner

University of Utah, CSL & CS611

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  1. Verifying Fluke IPC [Text]
  2. Goals of our project [Text]
  3. SPIN [Text]
  4. Fluke Reliable IPC Implementation Properties [Text]
  5. Cooperative Threads [Text]
  6. Cancelability and Decomposed Operations [Text]
  7. Properties of the IPC C Code [Text]
  8. State of the IPC Code [Text]
  9. The Plan [Text]
  10. Modeled IPC Structure [Text]
  11. Our Approach [Text]
  12. Lowest level abstractions are modeled [Text]
  13. Higher level abstractions are translated [Text]
  14. Translation Example [Text]
  15. Mutexes (modeled) [Text]
  16. Wait Queues (modeled) [Text]
  17. Links (modeled) [Text]
  18. Condition Variables (translated) [Text]
  19. Ports and Port sets (modeled) [Text]
  20. Kernel Entry Layer (modeled) [Text]
  21. Miscellaneous Models [Text]
  22. Partial Test Case Example [Text]
  23. Basic-send Test [Text]
  24. Ack Test and Interposer Test [Text]
  25. Cancel Test [Text]
  26. Test Results [Text]
  27. Conclusions [Text]