Statement of Hilarie Orman, Nominee for IACR Board of Directors

Much of the success of the IACR lies in its ability to promote the highest standards of research review and publication. I intend to uphold those standards. At the same time, I believe that access to research results is a vital part of building the best possible research community. It is my goal to make the research information more accessible through online publication that complements the current arrangements. This can be done without in any way jeopardizing any of the substantial benefits that the IACR and its members receive from the current practices and commitments.

I am the author of an Internet RFC on a key exchange protocol, Oakley and a co-author the Crypto '95 paper Fast Key Exchange Using Elliptic Curve Systems and a co-author of the introduction information of the AES first round cipher HPC. While a program manager at DARPA from 1996-1999 I managed, among other things, a program in Network Security that funded research in secure key exchange for group protocols and other protocol security work. With Cathy Meadows I organized a DIMACS workshop on Design and Formal Verification of Security Protocols in 1997. I have maintained the IEEE Cipher online "hypercalendar" of security events since 1995.

I am an avid, albeit klutzy, Ultimate Frisbee competitor. An early web adopter, I designed the Ultimate Players Association web page in 1994 and maintained it until 1996.