Flux Research Group / School of Computing

Lessons From Resource Allocators for Large-Scale Multiuser Testbeds

Robert Ricci, David Oppenheimer, Jay Lepreau, and Amin Vahdat

ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review 40(1), January 2006.



Resource allocation is a key aspect of shared testbed infrastructures such as PlanetLab and Emulab. Despite their many differences, both types of testbed have many resource alloca- tion issues in common. In this paper we explore issues related to designing a general resource allocation interface that is sufficient for a wide variety of testbeds, current and future. Our explorations are informed by our experience developing and running Emulab’s "assign" resource allocator and the "SWORD" resource discoverer, our experience with the PlanetLab and Emulab testbeds, and our projection of future testbed needs.