Flux Research Group / School of Computing

The InstaGENI Initiative: An Architecture for Distributed Systems and Advanced Programmable Networks

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Nicholas Bastin, Andy Bavier, Jessica Blaine, Jim Chen, Narayan Krishnan, Joe Mambretti, Rick McGeer, Robert Ricci, and Nicki Watts

Computer Networks 61(0), March 2014.



In this paper, we describe InstaGENI, a distributed cloud based on programmable networks designed for the GENI Mesoscale deployment and large-scale distributed research projects. The InstaGENI architecture closely integrates a lightweight cluster design with software-defined networking, Hardware-as-a-Service and Containers-as-a-Service, remote monitoring and management, and high-performance inter-site networking. The initial InstaGENI deployment will encompass 34 sites across the United States, interconnected through a specialized GENI backbone network deployed over national, regional and campus research and education networks, with international network extensions to sites across the world.