Flux Research Group / School of Computing

Adjacent Channel WiFi 5 Interference on DSRC Communication at 5.9GHz

Jacob Bills, Alex Orange, and Jacobus (Kobus) Van der Merwe

IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference: (VTC2023-Spring) 2023.



Since their controversial decision to adjust the spectrum allocation for intelligent transportation systems in November 2020, the FCC has implemented a wide range of changes. These changes include the removal of 45 MHz from existing spectrum allocations and the transition from DSRC to C-V2X, both of which need to be studied in greater detail. We aimed to explore the effects of these decisions by examining the potential impacts on commercial-grade V2X hardware in a real-world, complex radio environment. This was done by characterizing DSRC and comparing its performance in a complex radio environment with different types of interference present. The results of these experiments indicate that outdoor adjacent band WiFi networks can impact DSRC operations; however, this impact is unlikely to have a measurable effect on current ITS installations.