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[xsmith-dev] Problems of Build a DSL Fuzzer by Using Xsmith

Dear Xsmith Developer,

I am a postgraduate student who really interested in this xsmith project. It is a really cool project which can randomly create different testing cases for different program languages.

Currently, my project group developed a DSL and need a fuzzer to test it. Xsmith looks prefectly suit for our testing requirements. Now, we finished to read all supporting documents and trying to modified the example “pythonseque.rtk” to suit our DSL. However, we met lots of problems during this process. For example: “pythonseque.rtk” has an error said: replace-hold: all choices for filling in a XsmithAstHoleRefExpr hole were filtered out.

Besides, we also confused about how to defined the relation between Definition, binder-info, reference-info, prop edit, lift-field and fresh (how to define, use, and set the variable/function). 

Also, sometimes, after set “fresh-name-variable” the variable name is still “lift_”.

Last, we want to defined add tensor (multiple dimension array) as a variable type. But we are not sure how to do that.

Could you help us when you have time? And maybe provide some study martial or video tutorial with detail of how to study Xsmith. 

Best regards,