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Re: [xsmith-dev] Early Dafny Results (Re: XSmith questions)

A lot more bugs:

- https://github.com/dafny-lang/dafny/issues/1359 and https://github.com/dafny-lang/dafny/issues/1359#issuecomment-902594485
- https://github.com/dafny-lang/dafny/issues/1360
- https://github.com/dafny-lang/dafny/issues/1361 and https://github.com/dafny-lang/dafny/issues/1361#issuecomment-902842190
- https://github.com/dafny-lang/dafny/issues/1362

On Thu, Aug 19, 2021 at 6:35 PM Sorawee Porncharoenwase <sorawee.pwase@gmail.com> wrote:
One more bug :)


On Thu, Aug 19, 2021 at 6:33 PM Eric Eide <eeide@cs.utah.edu> wrote:
Sorawee Porncharoenwase <sorawee.pwase@gmail.com> writes:

> Two more bugs:

Thank you for keeping us up to date!  We are very excited that you are having
such success fuzzing Dafny!

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