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Re: [xsmith-dev] WebAssembly fuzzer

I feel I should point out that the JS fuzzer hasn't really been
tested.  We haven't set up a Javascript fuzzing environment yet, and
we haven't run a lot of the generated programs.  So it may spit out
syntax errors or something still that we haven't noticed.  That said,
it should be close.  If there are serious bugs in code generation
(aside from any bugs that may be in the Xsmith library) they are
likely in the printer.

I would like to get some setup scripts and harness configuration to
fuzz Javascript soon, but if left to me I'm not sure when I'll do that
vs other things I'm working on.

On Thu, Jul 15, 2021 at 09:11:27AM +0200, Paulo Matos wrote:

Only just managed to catch up to Eric Eide presentation in Racketfest
where he mentions not just a JS fuzzer but also a WebAssembly fuzzer.

This is something I am working on as part of my day job and could
possibly spend some time improving it.

I am assuming the JS fuzzer is:

However, I cannot find any reference to a Wasm fuzzer. A reference to it
would be great, thanks.

Paulo Matos