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[xsmith-dev] Announce: Clotho 1.0.0 Released

I am pleased to announce that Clotho version 1.0.0 is available.  You can find
it in the Racket package catalog at:


Clotho provides controllable randomness functions for Racket programs, allowing
sequences of random values to be recorded, replayed, and manipulated at a fine
grain.  Xsmith uses Clotho as part of its implementation of "steerable" random
program generation.

You can learn more about Clotho by reading the online documentation:


...and by reading the following paper, which will be presented at the upcoming
Scheme '20 workshop:

  Pierce Darragh, William Gallard Hatch, and Eric Eide.  Clotho: A Racket
  library for parametric randomness.  In Proceedings of the 2020 Scheme and
  Functional Programming Workshop (Scheme 2020), August 2020.

Thanks ---


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