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[xsmith-dev] Attempt at R7RS fuzzer causes racr internal error

Hi all,

I am now using xsmith from the master branch and something it generating
a racr internal error - likely my fault since I never used racr before.

The code is here:

I am getting:
RACR exception: "Invalid AST rule"
'XsmithBaseNoder7rs->xsmithliftdepth-xsmithlifterwrapped ";"
"Unexpected" #\r "character."

The reason I am sending this email is because, due to the nature of the
error, I have no idea if this is indeed my fault. I cannot see any
unexpected character in my stream and do not know where to start since
the error leads me nowhere.

Could someone please help here?
By the way, I am aware this is very similar to Schemely but I did want
to type it myself and understand how things are done along the way. :)

Kind regards,
Paulo Matos