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Re: [gits] How does git really change one's directory view?

Ganesh Gopalakrishnan <ganesh@cs.utah.edu> writes:

> I began reading about "git fsck" to repair broken git repos, and such and
> then gave up, and said ...  "forget it, I'll occasionally copy over my git
> managed repo to Google Drive" :-)


I agree --- I don't recommend worrying too much about how git's internals are
implemented.  That has never really helped me to use git in practice.

(You *do* need to understand things that are in the git user interface, like
commits and branches and ....  Those things can be complicated enough!)


Copying a git repository "in toto" to Google Drive is fine, I bet, but I would
definitely recommend copying it back out before working on it.

(Why?  Although I have never tried to use a git repository on Google Drive, but
in general, I would be suspicious of trying to get too fancy with putting
repositories on remote file systems with --- let's say "questionable" ---
semantics about consistency.  In particular, I recall hearing that people
generally had problems when they tried to work with repositories stored in

Of course, you can also use push/pull to a remote repository to keep your local
repositories in sync and backed up!  You just need a place to keep your remote
repositories, and I can give you some pointers to resources if you want (e.g.,
to Flux's GitLab server).  Of course, you have to remember to actually *do* the
push before you go home :-)...


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