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Re: [gits] for people who use a GUI interface to git

I don’t know anything about GitKraken, but I strongly dislike SourceTree and would recommend against anyone else trying it - it destructively edits your ~/.gitconfig file without asking and without saving a copy of the old version. (You can turn this behavior off, but not until after it has launched and the damage is done.) Luckily, in my case, I keep that file in a git repo :) so I could restore it. (Unluckily, I still have to use SourceTree to deal with a mercurial repository, because mercurial is basically unusable without a GUI, and it seems to be the only reasonable one.)

SourceTree: Not Even Once.

I use Tower, which is pretty nice, but also expensive. GitKraken didn’t exist when I paid for Tower, and Tower was nicer than the other free alternatives at the time. I haven’t kept up on the other free ones, so I don’t know whether this is still true.

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> has anyone tried GitKraken on the mac (vs sourcetree, which is what I currently use)
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