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[gits] Branch Help

At the risk of offering advice for a problem that I haven't reproduced for a
workflow that maybe I don't understand...

	Leigh> So, this was a clean clone of emulab-devel. I added the aptui
	Leigh> branch as a tracking branch (also in emulab-devel).
	Leigh> Then I did in aptui:
	Leigh> boss>> git rebase central/master

If your aptui branch is tracking a branch from central, you might not want to
rebase it (i.e., the shared branch) at all.  Rebasing a shared branch is
effectively changing shared history.

Depending on your goal, you might consider whether a merge would be more
appropriate.  In this case, I'm guessing that you would want to merge master
into aptui, to bring the aptui branch up to date with respect to mainline
changes (while keeping the aptui-specific changes out of master).

FWIW ---


PS --- Yes, you could rebase your local aptui branch without rebasing
central/aptui, and then push that, but this is madness, so we should not talk
about it further!

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