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[gits] Git commit formatting and git mail about public repositories. Was [Re: git commit: [emulab-dreading] branch master updated (7024b54)]

> My general answer is that emails from personal-public repos are useful
> for letting other Emulab hackers know what people are working on in
> general and to give people a "preview" of what will eventually be coming
> to one of the central repositories. (And of course, they are useful for
> direct collaboration, too, as you mention.)
> You might call this "situational awareness." Situational awareness is a
> good thing!

Yes indeed. I read all of the commits logs to emulab repos, as should
everyone else :-) This helps to avoid people stepping on each other's toes,
duplicating work, conflicts that cause people to toss the word "git" around
like a three letter curse word.

I'm not very good at following Eric's commit logs guidelines. I just don't
know how to say anything in 70 characters that is worth reading. Well, I'm
good at saying "Minor bug fix" :-)