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[gits] GitX-dev

I recently discovered GitX-dev, yet another fork of GitX.  Unlike GitX(L), this
fork seems to be active.  I've been using it lightly for about a week, and it
seems about the same as GitX(L), but it is faster for large repositories.


The web page lists these claims to fame:

  + Notably better performance on large repositories
  + Reliable in-app updates thanks to Sparkle
  + Significantly reduced (and shrinking!) use of git command-line tool in
    favour of direct use of libgit2 and ObjectiveGit.framework
  + Lower, more regular memory footprint due to porting to Objective-C
    Automatic Reference Counting
  + Improvements to the command-line gitx tool

Only for Mac OS X 10.7 and up.


Eric Eide <eeide at cs.utah.edu>  .         University of Utah School of Computing
http://www.cs.utah.edu/~eeide/ . +1 (801) 585-5512 voice, +1 (801) 581-5843 FAX