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[csmith-dev] accessing blockid for a global variable


Isn't there a data structure referring the global variables
accessed(may be read,written ) inside a block and not inside a
function (already read_vars and write_vars do the job).
the way block has something like :

vector <Variable *> local_vars

on similar ground,I need to check is there a volatile variable inside
all blocks in all the functions.So the block containing volatiles are
to be skipped for adding the keyword __transaction_atomic,as I am
implementing the transaction memory extensions.

I tried using, find_blk_for_var(passed a global variable),
which is supposed to returns the block in which the variable is, but
returns NULL for global variables.

or the other way round,if I pass a set of variables accessed in a
particular function and the block id,is it possible to determine if
any variable resides in the block which was provided?

A gentle remainder for reviewing the patch submitted,for the computed
goto extensions.

Sameeran Joshi