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[csmith-dev] Trying sample compiler bugs.

I am trying the sample compiler bugs from here,

I am on a :
Ubuntu 17.10 (32 bi machine)
GCC version=7.2.0
Csmith version=2.4.0

I am running this commands in the {source_code}/,runtime folder for
the sake of csmith.h file.

csmith --bitfields --packed-struct -s <some seed value from tables> >

and collecting the output of random generated program in sampletest.c file.

compiling the file as:
gcc -O3 sampletest.c

takes the terminal in an infinite state!
1.Am I doing the right way?
2.How much time will it take to give output?
3.Do I need to build an older version of GCC and csmith for the sample
test cases?.
sameeran joshi.