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Re: [csmith-dev] [PATCH 3/3] Be a little more consistent with the std namespace.

As part of working toward a new Csmith release, I am cleaning out some *long*
overdue to-do's.  Better late than never, I guess :-(...

> It is generally considered a Bad Idea (tm) to have 'using namespace
> std;' in c++ code.
> The patch replaces all instances of 'using namespace std;' with up to
> four 'using std::item;' declarations and adds a 'std::' prefix to the
> vast majority of unscoped class uses.

Hi!  I'm going to punt on this very large patch.  While these changes are
probably a good idea (as we agreed at the time), merging the patch into the
current Csmith code would be difficult.

If you're interested in "updating" this patch for current Csmith, could you
submit it as a GitHub pull request?

Thanks ---


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