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Re: [csmith-dev] Generate two slightly different files

Can creduce do some of these transformations?

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There's no facility for this in Csmith, and it wouldn't be easy to implement.

The kind of tool you are looking for is one that supports mutation-based testing.  I don't have one in mind but a google search on that term will probably turn something up.


On 4/28/16 5:37 PM, Christian Dietrich wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently searching for a tool to generate two C files that are 
> very similar. What do I mean by similar? The respective AST of the C 
> files should only differ in one subexpression/type/etc. The difference 
> should mimic the changes a developer does between two compiler 
> invocations.
> Does csmith already allow such small alterations of its output? If so, 
> I haven't seen an command line option for it. If it doesn't have this 
> feature, could you give me a small hint where I should look to 
> implement this behavior?
>  chris