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Re: [csmith-dev] Combined use of csmith_minimal.h and safe_math_macros.h

Tahina, this sounds useful for situations where we want the overall source code size to be small. I'm not sure which of your proposals is better, maybe others have comments. If we converge on an answer, could I get you to submit your patch as a github pull request?



On 11/4/15 7:47 PM, Tahina Ramananandro wrote:
Dear Csmith developers,

I am using Csmith 2.2.0 (git dcef52) and preprocessing/compiling the C
files produced by Csmith with -DCSMITH_MINIMAL to use csmith_minimal.h
instead of the definitions of csmith.h, thus reducing the set of
included functions to the minimum (in particular by not requiring too
many standard header files). However, such a file will still include
safe_math.h whereas I claim it can be replaced with safe_math_macros.h
thus further reducing the set of included functions (in particular if
the C source file was generated by Csmith with --no-safe-math).

By reading random_inc.h, it seems that USE_MATH_MACROS can be used alone
to replace safe_math.h with safe_math_macros.h, but when used with
CSMITH_MINIMAL, it becomes inoperant. To solve this issue and allow the
combined use of USE_MATH_MACROS and CSMITH_MINIMAL, I attached a patch
for csmith_minimal.h following the same pattern as in random_inc.h.

Is my understanding of these preprocessing symbols correct? Are they
stable enough (even though not extensively documented) to be used in
If so, do you think this patch is worth considering for inclusion?

(As an alternative to my patch proposal, you might prefer handling
USE_MATH_MACROS from within safe_math.h to "redirect" the preprocessor
to safe_math_minimal.h, in the same way as CSMITH_MINIMAL being handled
from within csmith.h to "redirect" to csmith_minimal.h, thus avoiding
the duplication of compilation directives from random_inc.h to

Thank you in advance for your help.
Best regards,

Tahina Oliver Ramananandro, Ph. D.
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