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Re: [csmith-dev] --max-pointer-depth not honored?

It’s obviously a bug in Csmith. Your understanding is correct. "--max-pointer-depth" should be the one to limit indirection level for pointer deference and other usages.


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Subject: [csmith-dev] --max-pointer-depth not honored?


Dear Csmith developers,


I have been testing Csmith 2.2.0 (Git version dcef523), and I am trying to understand the meaning of the --max-pointer-depth option.


If I understood well, Csmith with --max-pointer-depth N should produce a program with pointer-dereferencing expressions of length at most N+1 (i.e. without pointer dereferences of the form *..*x with N+2 stars or more.)


However, with --max-pointer-depth 0, I still managed to produce the attached C program with a depth-2 pointer dereference  (and similarly, with --max-pointer-depth 1 and a depth-3 pointer dereference, although in the latter case, it is hard to generate such programs if shorter than 400 lines).


Moreover, massive tests show that, with --no-checksum --no-argc  --no-arrays --no-bitfields --no-structs --no-unions --max-pointer-depth 1, more than 70% of all programs generated by Csmith (regardless of their sizes) reach pointer dereference level 3 or more (sometimes up to 8).


So, is my understanding correct?

- If so, is there a bug in Csmith that makes --max-pointer-depth not properly honored? 

- Otherwise, what should be the exact meaning of this option, and which use cases were intended? How could I control the maximum pointer dereference level in Csmith-generated programs?


And then, a final question too: even though it might be possible to limit the level of pointer dereference expressions, is there a way to limit the depth of pointer types?


Thank you in advance for your help.


Best regards,



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[#] Here I consider that --max-pointer-depth 0 does not prevent Csmith from producing pointers at large, by contrast to --no-pointers