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[csmith-dev] New git-hash.sh script

	> Commit: c228c1c52e22f55b90fb8a2ceaccf534f96543b7
	> Author: Eric Eide <eeide@cs.utah.edu>
	> Date:   2012-01-03 (Tue, 03 Jan 2012)
	> Use new `git-hash.sh' script to find the current commit hash.

Let me mention that this script is designed to address a version-tracking
problem we've had until now: that the current Git commit hash was "forgotten"
whenever one built from something other than a Git repository.

Now, "git export" burns the current commit into `git-hash.sh'.  This means that
if someone downloads a zipfile/tarball from GitHub, the hash is burned into the
zipfile/tarball that he or she downloads.  It also means that the commit hash
can be burned into our "official" release zip/tar files (assuming they are
produced from a Git export!).

This is some work I did prior to the break, finally patched up to be committed.

(When I did the script, I accidentally conflated my work with a Libtool 2.4.2
upgrade.  Now it's all in separate commits and pushed to GitHub.)

Thanks ---


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