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[csmith-bugs] https://github.com/csmith-project/csmith/blob/master/src/Function.cpp

I believe you have a typo on line 351, vs[0] should be vs[i]



static void

GenerateParameterListFromString(Function &currFunc, const string &params_string)


vector<string> vs;

StringUtils::split_string(params_string, vs, ",");

int params_cnt = vs.size();

assert((params_cnt > 0) && "Invalid params_string!");

if ((params_cnt == 1) && (vs[0] == "Void")) {



for (int i = 0; i < params_cnt; i++) {

assert((vs[i] != "Void") && "Invalid parameter type!");

CVQualifiers qfer;

qfer.add_qualifiers(false, false);

const Type *ty = Type::get_type_from_string(vs[0]);

Variable *v = VariableSelector::GenerateParameterVariable(ty, &qfer);






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