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Re: [csmith-bugs] GCC Complaint: "init from incompatible pointer type"

Eric Eide wrote:
	Yang> It's undefined because a non-volatile pointer "p" points to a
	Yang> volatile object "i".

Yes.  (Well, more strictly, it is undefined because `i' is accessed through
`p', not simply because `p' points to `i'.)

But I said this in my message.  I think you might have answered without reading
the bottom half of my email?



There were discussions long time ago when Xuejun was implementing volatile point thing. I am sure Csmith tries to conform with the C standard in terms of volatile pointer stuff. If it generates code like:

volatile int g;
int *p = &g;

then it's a Csmith bug. As far as I know, Csmith analysis rules out this kind of code.

- Yang