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Re: [csmith-bugs] int64_t generated even if --no-math64 --no-longlong

Hi Xavier, 

Thanks for the bug reporting. I wonder which version of Csmith were you
running. I can't reproduce the problem with the GIT head. And I have run
this command 10,000 times without any problem:

csmith --no-math64 --no-longlong | grep int64 


> Dear Csmith developers,
> Before finding the --ccomp option, I was fiddling with the --no-math64
> and --no-longlong options to try to prevent Csmith from ever
> generating anything involving 64-bit ints.  I was surprised that even
> with these two options, Csmith generates code that uses int64_t and
> xleroy@jollyjumper:~/tmp/csmith-2.0.0$ src/csmith --seed 123 --no-math64
> --no-longlong | grep int64
>    int64_t  f3;
>    int64_t  f0;
>    int64_t  f7;
>    int64_t  f3;
>    const uint64_t  f9;
> Is this intended?  I feel that it would be useful to have options that
> guarantee that no 64-bit integers are generated, ever.
> Best wishes,
> - Xavier