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Re: [csmith-bugs] likely bad code

	John> Since both Clang and GCC at -O0 produce crashing output from this
	John> seed, I'm guessing it has undefined behavior.
	John> [regehr@gamow ~]$ /home/regehr/csmith/src/csmith -s 655329422 \
	John>     --bitfields \
	John>     --force-globals-static --unions --output rand002204.c

I am assuming that the following commit is intended to fix the bug that John

	> Commit: 94e6f00da9685bfee5ec89bbf7a455edd0fe0348
	> Author: Xuejun Yang <jxyang@cs.utah.edu>
	> Date:   2011-06-20 (Mon, 20 Jun 2011)
	> Log Message:
	> -----------
	> fix a bug in analyzing effect conflicts between union fields
	> This fixes the runtime crash seen for seed 655329422

It would be helpful, though, if bug reports like this were answered more
directly, as opposed to requiring people to put two and two together.

Maybe we should start using the issue tracker at GitHub.  What do you guys
think about that?


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