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[csmith-bugs] compilation failure on Solaris SPARC

The csmith-2.0.0 distribution fails to compile on Solaris SPARC,
because of invalid or inapplicable assembly code in src/platform.cpp.

	platform.cpp: In function `long unsigned int platform_gen_seed()':
	platform.cpp:78: error: impossible constraint in `asm'

Theat statement is in a "#ifdef WIN32 ... #else ... #endif" block, and
the code in the #endif block is valid only for Intel/AMD x86_64 and
possibly x86 families.  I'll be happy to provide a csmith developer
with a sample file that provides access to high-resolution timing over
a much wider range of platforms.

I also attempted to build csmith-2.0.0 with Solaris native c99 and CC,
but that failed earlier with

	Unexpected type in set_at_type in sparc.c

I'm prepared to work with csmith developers to sort out such
portability issues.  csmith is essentially a filter, so it should need
little in the way of system-specific code, and it deserves to be
buildable on all major platforms.  I have about 25 flavors of Unix in
my test lab that could provide extensive portability testing.

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