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Re: [creduce-dev] halfempty algorithm for creduce?

Thanks again, this was all stuff that needed fixing for sure!!


On 6/13/19 3:00 PM, John Regehr wrote:

Note that the performance numbers are way old. If you have a few slow reductions how about post them here and maybe I can find time to play around with increasing the speedup.


On 6/13/19 2:56 PM, John Regehr wrote:
Hi Nico, C-Reduce invented that approach years before halfempty existed :).

You can increase how many cores it's willing to use with a command line option, please give this a try and let us know if this gives any more speedup.


On 6/13/19 2:54 PM, Nico Weber wrote:

creduce often takes more than an hour to run, with most cores being idle. https://github.com/googleprojectzero/halfempty is an approach to doing delta debugging in parallel. Could that approach be implemented in creduce as well?