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Re: [creduce-dev] C-Reduce 2.9.0 Released

Yay!!! Thanks for pushing this out, Eric.


On 5/5/19 8:08 PM, Eric Eide wrote:
C-Reduce 2.9.0 is released!

Get it from GitHub:

Or if you want the official tarball:

Notable improvements/changes since the previous release:

   + Supports and requires LLVM 7
     (Thank you to Ray Donnelly!)

   + New pass to remove constant `#if` blocks
     (Thank you to Amy Huang!)

   + New pass to remove `#if` blocks
     (Thank you to Amy Huang!)

   + New pass to remove `#line` directives
     (Thank you to Amy Huang!)

   + New binary-search pass for removing C++-style comments
     (Thank you to Amy Huang!)

   + Automatically run parallel "interestingness" tests on FreeBSD

   + New `--version` command-line option reports version and exits
     (Thank you to Pranav Kant!)

   + Numerous bug fixes
     (Thank you to Michal Janiszewski and Jakub Wilk!)