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Re: [creduce-dev] LLVM 7 and 8

On 1/9/19 2:31 PM, Eric Eide wrote:

Does anyone have time to update C-Reduce to LLVM 7? I think we should do an
LLVM-7-based release even if LLVM 8 is coming out fairly soon (I imagine it
is) since OS distributions may be stuck on LLVM 7 for a while.
Making a new C-Reduce release is on my to-do list.  In fact, I thought I had
started doing this already, but now I don't see any commits related to it.

FWIW, there is a branch that (allegedly) works with LLVM 7, so making an actual
release should not be too much work (one would hope).

I just updated the master branch to be compatible with LLVM 7.0.

- Yang