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[creduce-dev] C-Reduce 2.5.0 Released

C-Reduce 2.5.0 is released!

Get it from GitHub:

Or if you want the official tarball:

Notable improvements/changes since the previous release:

  + Supports and requires LLVM 3.8

  + Multi-file reduction

  + New pass for partial resolution of #ifdef's

  + Press "s" to skip to the next pass

  + Removed dependency on separate Berkeley delta package

  + Perl packages "Sys::CPU" and "Term::ReadKey" are now optional dependencies

  + Numerous bug fixes

Note that the CMake-based build system is unsupported in this release.  This
will be fixed and supported in the future.  For now, use the Autoconf-based
build system ("configure && make && make install").


Eric Eide <eeide@cs.utah.edu>  .         University of Utah School of Computing
http://www.cs.utah.edu/~eeide/ . +1 (801) 585-5512 voice, +1 (801) 581-5843 FAX