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[creduce-dev] templates

It's great that people have been submitting pull requests lately (and that Yang has been accepting them)!

I was thinking about sitting down and writing a clang_delta pass that would take the example below (from C-Reduce issue #66) and push first the char * template parameter and second the int parameter through the code.

Actually we probably want two new passes: one that propagates parameters around, and another that eliminates unused template arguments.

But, I haven't hacked clang before and am not even sure how to get started. Is there anyone here who hacks on clang who could give me a quick outline of what the implementation to these would probably look like? What APIs to use, basically?



#include <iostream>
template <typename T, typename> class cls {
  static void foo(T);
template <typename T, typename F> void cls<T, F>::foo(T a) { std::cout << a; }
int main() { cls<char *, int>::foo("hello"); }