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[creduce-dev] finishing up current c-reduce work

I think I'm basically done with hacking on C-Reduce for now, and am going to go back to working on other things.

There are lots of new little features that I hope people will try out.

I feel sure that I've broken Windows since I don't have a Windows machine for testing, I hope someone can go back and do the necessary fixing.

I don't think there's any hurry to do a new release, probably we can just wait until LLVM 3.8 is out and then do a release a few weeks later, unless anyone feels differently.

The last thing (other than bug fixing) I want to do is make localize_headers work for complex test cases like Boost files. Currently it works for simple cases on both OS X and Linux for C and C++98 and C++11.

One thing I didn't do is write a pass to individually resolve #defines. Certainly this would be helpful sometimes, I just don't have the time right now.