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Re: [creduce-dev] multifile creduce

On 2015.10.19 at 18:17 +0200, John Regehr wrote:
> I've pushed changes to C-Reduce that support reducing more than one file 
> at a time.  Use cases include:
> - reductions for LTO bugs
> - reducing a file + its transitive includes when, for whatever reason, 
> reducing the preprocessed file does not work
> (As always, if you can reduce a preprocessed file, you should do so.)
> To support the second case, I wrote a program that copies each 
> transitive include file for a C/C++ file into the cwd, renaming files as 
> necessary (there are 8 files called "errno.h" under /usr/include on one 
> of my machines) and also replacing each <foo>-style include with a 
> "foo"-style include.  The program is in scripts/localize_headers.  To 
> use it you need to modify a few variables up at the top.  Let me know if 
> you have either a good or a bad experience with this script.  I'm not 
> sure that it is very robust but it has worked for me.
> Multifile reduction works by running each pass over all files that are 
> being reduced.  It is often the case that some files go to zero bytes. 
> C-Reduce could at this point try to delete such files, but it doesn't do 
> that yet.
> I also beefed up C-Reduce's usage info.
> clang-delta becomes pretty crashy on non-preprocessed files. I don't 
> really know what is going on, but these crashes are largely harmless. 
> Please don't kill us with bug reports about this.
> Testing appreciated.  I've only tested on Linux so far.

There is also https://github.com/marxin/multicreduce, a simple python
script that claims to do the same thing. (I've never used it myself.)