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Re: [creduce-dev] Need help - creduce set up issue

Hi yudhistir,

You may want to try this:

./configure --with-llvm=/the/top/dir/of/your/llvm/installation

For example, here is my llvm-config location:

$ ls ~/work/compilers/compiler-install/llvm-3.7/bin/llvm-config

Then, I will use the following command for configuring C-Reduce:

$ ./configure --with-llvm=/home/chenyang/work/compilers/compiler-install/llvm-3.7

Please replace llvm-3.7 with the dir where your llvm installation is on your system.

- Yang

On 10/12/2015 09:30 PM, yudhistir reddy wrote:
Hi Team,

I am new to creduce and clang  . Here is my set up

1. I built clang 3.5
2. Ran csmith tests and produced some .c files
3. I downloaded the creduce 2.2 (which is inlined with clang 3.5 )and trying to use that .

while running ./configure of creduce i get below error

configure: error: LLVM is required but program `llvm-config' cannot be found in /workspace/yudhistir/git-repo/tools/llvm/src/3.5/llvm/tools:/workspace/yudhistir/git-repo/tools/llvm/src/3.5/llvm:....

llvm-cnfig is in tools folder of above path . I am not sure why it is not picking it . I have gone thru install file of creduce also .

I am stuck here . Pls someone help .