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Re: [creduce-dev] Close to New C-Reduce Release

Eric, are there any important platforms you haven't tested? I only have OS X and Ubuntu 14.04 readily available.

Do we have a story for testing Windows?

TODO list looks fine.

Thanks for doing this!


On 9/21/15 9:21 PM, Eric Eide wrote:
John and Yang, can you look over the TODO file, to see if anything there needs
to be updated?

I'm pretty close to being ready to "stamp" a new C-Reduce release (which will
be v2.4.0).

You might want to give it (the master branch) a go.  Alternately, tell me if
you are planning to commit something that you want to go into the imminent

I plan to do a bit more testing, but I don't have current plans to change
anything.  "It works for me" :-).

Thanks ---