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Re: [creduce-dev] Creduce Macro Analysis

Hi Rand, C-Reduce works fine on code that has not been preprocessed. Whether or not it works well for your particular problem can only be discovered by experiments. Please give it a try. I recommend using the current version from Github since our latest release is pretty old.


On 8/1/14, 7:22 AM, Rand McRanderson wrote:
Hi all,

I am checking to see if I can use creduce in order to isolate issues
in a static analysis tool. The software generally works fine, but
occasionally there are special combinations of syntax that trip things
up (like combinations of namespace aliasing, const reference return
types, complex macro usage, nested templates, etc.).

I am wondering though if creduce can isolate issues where macro
declarations are part of the problem. Does creduce preprocess the code
before looking at it, or can it isolate issues where macro analysis is
a factor?

With regards,
Rand McRanderson