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Eric Eide
Eric Eide
Ryan Stutsman
Ryan Stutsman
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David Johnson
David Johnson
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Dmitry Duplyakin
Dmitry Duplyakin
Postdoctoral scholar
Cai (Richard) Li
Cai (Richard) Li
PhD student
Sriram Selvam
Sriram Selvam
Masters student

cloud projects

TCloud TCloud

In the TCloud project we are developing a self-defending, self-evolving, and self-accounting trustworthy cloud platform. Our approach in realizing TCloud holds to the following five tenets: defense in depth, least authority, explicit orchestration of security function, moving-target defense, and verifiable accountability.

CloudLab CloudLab

Many of the ideas that drive modern cloud computing, such as server virtualization, network slicing, and robust distributed storage, arose from the research community. Despite this success, today’s clouds have become environments that are unsuitable for moving this research agenda forward—they have particular, unmalleable implementations of these ideas “baked in.” CloudLab will not be a cloud; it will be large-scale, distributed scientific infrastructure on top of which many different clouds can be built.

PhantomNet PhantomNet

To enable the fundamental research and innovation demanded to advance mobile networking beyond the state-of-the-art, a new facility called PhantomNet is being developed and coupled with the Emulab testbed at the University of Utah. PhantomNet will be a fully programmable end-to-end testbed with unique features to facilitate research efforts at the intersection of mobile networking, cloud computing and software defined networking.   

We are open for business! Go here: PhantomNet Portal.

We are pleased to host the first PhantomNet User's Workshop.

Join us for a PhantomNet based totorial on "4G to 5G and beyond: From theory to practice" at IEEE CCNC 2016.


POWDER (the Platform for Open Wireless Data-driven Experimental Research) is a facility for experimenting on the future of wireless networking in a city-scale “living laboratory.” Visit the POWDER portal.

recent cloud publications (see all)

Is Big Data Performance Reproducible in Modern Cloud Networks?
Alexandru Uta, Alexandru Custura, Dmitry Duplyakin, Ivo Jimenez, Jan Rellermeyer, Carlos Maltzahn, Robert Ricci, and Alexandru Iosup
In NSDI 2020 [ bibtex ]
The Design and Operation of CloudLab
Dmitry Duplyakin, Robert Ricci, Aleksander Maricq, Gary Wong, Jonathon Duerig, Eric Eide, Leigh Stoller, Mike Hibler, David Johnson, Kirk Webb, Aditya Akella, Kuangching Wang, Glenn Ricart, Larry Landweber, Chip Elliott, Michael Zink, Emmanuel Cecchet, Snigdhaswin Kar, and Prabodh Mishra
In ATC 2019 [ pdf :: slides :: bibtex ]
Interparty Visibility in a Cloud Computing Platform
Hyunwook Baek
PhD Dissertation, University of Utah 2018 [ bibtex ]